Chris joined 专业保险人 in 1995 as a Producer and became Vice-President in 2004, where he overseas human resources, agency operations, & technology as well as continuing to manage his client accounts and grow the business. He has worked in Insurance for over 30 years and he has specialized training and experience in the fields of Construction Risk Management and Risk Transfer, Property Management, & Manufacturing.<\/p>", "avatarAssetUrl": "//" }, "assetUrl": "//", "contentType": "image/jpeg", "items": [ ], "pushedServices": { }, "pendingPushedServices": { }, "recordTypeLabel": "image", "originalSize": "2500x1500" }, "imageOverlayOpacity": 0.77, "backgroundWidth": "background-width--full-bleed", "sectionHeight": "section-height--small", "horizontalAlignment": "horizontal-alignment--center", "verticalAlignment": "vertical-alignment--middle", "contentWidth": "content-width--wide", "sectionTheme": "light", "sectionAnimation": "none", "backgroundMode": "image" }" data-animation="none" >